Welcome to the temperarty Members Page. I am working on a secure area for members of the Highland Park Association. We will keep posting association information here that is not to private.

Bunco and/or Social hour info:


I know this is too early to be thinking about July Bunco, but I'll be out of town and want to get things rolling for Marietta.

We need two people to sign up for appetizers and one to sign up for a finger food dessert.

Marietta is making a chicken salad and providing wine.

EMAIL ME. joython@gmail.com with your reservation to play Bunco or just the social hour, AND if you will bring a food item.

We also need someone to host August and September.

those who have signed up to play Bunco on July 8
Marietta, Louise, Laurie, Sandy, Lynne, Peggy

social hour only.....no one so far....

Have a great day everyone! Rain and all!!!


Thank you to everyone that was able to make it to the Party in the Park. Everyone had fun and plenty of good food to eat.